Senior Afghan Police and Military officials are involved in crimes: MoI

Senior Afghan Police and Military officials are involved in crimes: MoI

KABUL - The Minister of Interior of Afghanistan Wais Ahmad Barmak admits that a number of the national police officers are involved in certain illegal activities.

Barmak made the remarks during a press conference in Kabul today and this is the first time a top Afghan official admits the involvement of the police officers in the illegal activities.

The Minister of Interior said he is aware of the issue and the people are well justified for complaining regarding the police officers for their involvement in illegal acts.

According to Barmak, the investigations conducted by the ministry shows that the police officers in some cases have committed crime instead of acting to prevent the criminal activities.

He said the leadership of the ministry has plans on hand to resolve issue and the intelligence directorate has been instructed to start operations to clean the police ranks from the corrupt individuals.

Barmak further added that necessary steps will be taken against those misusing their authorities and the ministry will also work to identify and arrest those having links with the militant groups.

This comes as a senior ministry official was arrested by the personnel of the Anti-Corruption Justice Center on charges of embezzlement involving around 100 million Afghanis.

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