Indian Army soldier's wife goes on hunger strike

Indian Army soldier's wife goes on hunger strike

The indiscipline in Indian Army is rising day by day and now the matter is likely to worsen as the wives of the soldiers have also joined their husband's campaign.

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Wife of lance naik Yagya Pratap Singh, the Indian soldier who took to social media to bring to limelight the bias towards lower-rank army men, has been on a hunger strike in Rewa city for the past four days now.

According to reports in the Indian media, Richa Singh, the soldier’s wife, claims that Yagya Pratap Singh is now being forced to do derogatory tasks, due to his decision to voice out the discrimination on social media. She said that her husband’s superiors are coercing him to shine their shoes, wash dirty laundry, and clean their cars, among other chores not fit for military personnel.