Saudi Crown Prince visit: twin cities traffic enforcement agencies issues traffic advisories amid call for public cooperation

Saudi Crown Prince visit: twin cities traffic enforcement agencies issues traffic advisories amid call for public cooperation

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) and Rawalpindi City Traffic Police, to ensure public mobility, have chalked out a comprehensive traffic diversion plan on the cities’ major avenues and arteries during the Saudi Crown prince Muhammad bin Salman’s visit, scheduled for February 16-17.

ITP Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Farrukh Rashid said the high-powered delegation’s visit was of significance to the county and “people are requested to exhibit patience to make it a complete success.”

In an exclusive interview with the APP, Farrukh said law enforcement agencies were assigned to make arrangements for the city’s security plan during stay of the dignitaries and the ITP was mandated to regulate the city’s traffic during these couple of days.

In the anticipation of Saudi delegation’s arrival here, the SSP said the inter provincial traffic coming from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was completely banned to enter Islamabad form Saturday 4am to Sunday 10pm.

Farrukh advised the citizens intending to commute within the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi during these days may use 9th avenue, connecting their inter-city mobility.

He recommended the dwellers moving for New Islamabad Airport to use Kashmir Highway and 9th avenue adding the connecting minor roads to Kashmir Highway would remain opened.

He said the commuters destined for Murree must follow ITP’s traffic advisory released after every hour on ITP FM radio channel for the public to plan their hassle free tours.

Heavy traffic coming from Lahore to Islamabad would be diverted from Rawat T-Cross from where they may use Peshawar G T Road and Motorway after passing through Sawan Garden, Kutchery Chowk and Rawalpindi Saddar. The route for heavy traffic from Kak Bridge towards Koral Chowk or Islamabad Expressway would be closed while such traffic may use alternate routes of Kak Bridge to PWD Society, Sawan Garden, Kutchery Chowk and Rawalpindi Saddar to reach Peshawar Road or Motorway.

Similarly, heavy traffic coming from Peshawar G T Road and Motorway Islamabad would be diverted from Chungi No. 26 towards Rawalpindi Peshawar G T Road and Motorway. Traffic coming from Peshawar Road, IJP Road Katarian Pul, 9th Avenue would not be allowed to move ahead of Faizabad.

Heavy traffic coming from Murree and Azad Kashmir would be diverted from `Satra Meel’ towards Murree Motorway as their entry would be closed towards Islamabad and Murree Road Rawalpindi.

For the general traffic, both sides from Koral Chowk to Islamabad Expressway would remain closed and the alternate route would be from Rawalpindi Saddar road, Rawal road, Murree road, Stadium road, 9th Avenue road, Kashmir Highway or IJP Road.

The road leading to Faizabad and Islamabad Expressway from Zero Point Under-Bridge would remain closed from both sides and traffic would be diverted to Faisal Avenue or Kashmir Highway from Zero Point Loop from where 9th Avenue, Stadium Road, IJP Road, Saddar road and Sawan Garden road may be used to come on Lahore G T Road.

Red Zone from all sides would remain closed for any kind of traffic. Those coming to Islamabad from Marriott, Islamabad Hotel, Sector G-5 or G-6 or going to Rawalpindi may use Margallah Road, Faisal Avenue, Kashmir Highway through Zero Point Loop, 9th Avenue, Stadium Road, Faqir Api Road to IJP and Peshawar roads.

The residents of Nurpur Shahah (Bari Imam area) and Qauid-i-Azam University may use 3rd Avenue from Murree Road or Shahdra Road, Margallah Road (Trail-III).

The residents of foreigner diplomat or DPD may use 3rd Avenue road. The road from Rawal Dam Chowk towards Faizabad to remain closed from both sides for all kind of traffic. The residents of Murree or Bhara Kahu going to G T Road may use Korang Road Bani Gala from where they would reach Park Road after taking right turn from Imran Khan Chowk. Further, they would use Taramri Chowk, Lehtrar Road, Khana Service Road and Koral Chowk to reach their destination.

The residents of same area are advised to use Kashmir Highway and 9th Avenue to reach Rawalpindi.

Moreover, City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has also devised a special traffic plan for Rawalpindi dwellers in presence of Saudi delegation in the federal capital.

As many as 162 traffic police officers including one SP, three DSPs, 15 inspectors, 120 warden officers and 23 traffic assistants would perform special duties during the visit.

The CTP has also deployed enhanced number of traffic wardens who would ensure smooth flow of traffic on the city roads.    The city traffic officer (CTO) said a special control room had been established in Traffic Headquarters and would be utilizing all out resources to ensure commutation on the city’s roads adding that the traffic load could only be controlled through public cooperation.

Strict disciplinary action would be taken against the delinquent officials, he said and informed the citizens to call City Traffic Police Helpline 1915 and 051-9272839 to know about the traffic situation on roads.

The old Airport Road would be closed for all types of traffic when the prince would arrive and 100 traffic wardens would also be deployed to direct traffic onto alternate routes.

Meanwhile, special duties have been assigned to the district police personnel ahead of the two-day visit of Saudi Crown Prince.

The leaves of the police personnel have been canceled and Rawalpindi would be on high alert over the weekend. The police has been directed to establish five checkpoints in the limits of each police station.

The search and comb operation at Nur Khan Air Base was launched on Thursday night and police conducted door-to-door searches, collected data of residents and also combed the green areas around the air base.

Special duties have been assigned to the police and all officials are asked to report to concerned officials for their special assignments.

Foolproof security arrangements have been made to avoid any untoward incident during the visit.

Elite Force commandos would be deployed on rooftops of important buildings and sensitive points.

The citizens have been asked to keep their CNIC and other identification documents with them when moving in the city as more security checks would be conducted at pickets.

Meanwhile, a high-level joint meeting was also conducted in the security division to finalize the arrangement regarding VVIP’s visit to the country.

The meeting reviewed the overall steps taken to make the visit unprecedented and decided to keep Islamabad on high alert.

Islamabad Police Deputy Inspector General Amir Zulfiqar Khan, Chief Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ahmad Ali, Commander Triple One Brigade Brigadier Suleman Moin and other officials from law enforcement agencies had taken part in this meeting.