Sajid Sadpara, Pakistani mountaineer makes history

Sajid Sadpara, Pakistani mountaineer makes history

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani climber Sajid Sadapara link has made history by scaling the world's tenth-highest peak - Mount Annapurna - without the aid of supplementary oxygen.

Sajid, who is on a mission to advance the splendid legacy of his father, the late legendary mountaineer Ali Sadpara, aims to conquer the highest mountains with his head held high.

His latest achievement was confirmed today on Saturday as he became the first climber from the South Asian nation to scale peak located at 8,091 meters without oxygen. He completed the expedition two years after his father and two other climbers lost their lives while attempting to summit K2 in winter.

Sajid, who climbed the deadly K2 at the age of nineteen, was recently clicked at Annapurna which is located in Nepal and is notorious for its harsh climbing conditions as several climbers have lost lives.

Chhang Dawa Sherpa shared a tweet, felicitating Sajid for reaching the top of Mount Annapurna without using supplementary O2.

Annapurna lies in north-central Nepal and is known for sheer slopes, extreme weather conditions, and several other challenges which make it one of the deadliest peaks among the Eight-thousander Mountains.

Meanwhile, Sajid’s feat is proof of his outstanding climbing abilities and sheer willpower to climb some of the world’s most challenging peaks without oxygen.

The late father of this brave climber was also known for having top feats under his belt. Ali Sadpara, along with John Snorri and Juan Pablo Mohr was declared dead by the Pakistani government back in early 2021. He was named for being the climbed who never returned.