Istanbul hosts 'World Muslim Minorities' summit

Istanbul hosts 'World Muslim Minorities' summit

Istanbul will host a four-day summit begins to discuss problems of Muslim minorities in different countries, a statement by Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs said.

According to the statement, around 250 participants from 100 countries will participate in "World Muslim Minorities" summit.

The participants will be Muslim academics, activists, journalists and writers who can facilitate the revival of the relationship between Turkey and minority Muslims of different countries, the statement added.

According to the statement, the summit aims to discuss the main problems of Muslim minorities, their solutions and boosting existing cooperation in religious education and services.

On the first day of the summit, the participants will have a discussion about the past and future of Muslims minorities.

The second day will see a debate on several issues such as fundamental rights and freedom of Muslim minorities and radicalization.

On the third day, the religious services of Muslim minorities, demands on religious education and publications will be discussed.

On the final day, a conclusion report will be read out and the participants will visit Istanbul's historical and cultural places. Anadolu Agency/AFP