MOAB GBU-43 bomb drop: Impacts found in Pakistan

MOAB GBU-43 bomb drop: Impacts found in Pakistan

A good number of houses and other buildings got damaged in villages in Kurram Agency near the Pak-Afghan border due to the impact of the so-called “mother of all bombs”, which the US dropped to hit the alleged bases of the militant group Daesh in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, locals said.

“The entire area received a jolt. We thought it was an earthquake. But the next morning we came to know that the US had dropped a huge bomb on a militants’ base in the bordering Achin district of Nangarhar that caused the tremors,” said a tribal elder.

He said that several houses, mosques and other buildings developed cracks due to the impact of the bombing. He added that many people at the time came out of their houses in fear.

The political administration of Kurram Agency confirmed the reports of damage to properties and sent teams to the affected villages to assess the situation and the losses suffered by the people. The exact nature and quantum of damage caused to properties is not known yet.

The bomb weighing more than 21,000 pounds is said to be the most powerful non-nuclear bomb and can destroy everything in a radius of one mile. It has been used for the first time by the US in any combat.

Achin is located in the foothills of the Spinghar mountain range that serves as a border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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