How TTP terrorists are entering Pakistan from Afghanistan? Stunning revelations made

How TTP terrorists are entering Pakistan from Afghanistan? Stunning revelations made

Khawaja Asif, the former defense minister, has voiced concerns about the outlawed TTP's alleged affiliation with the interim government of Afghanistan. He asserts that terrorists are infiltrating Pakistan under the guise of patients' families. Addressing a comment on this issue, he emphasizes that the problems plaguing Pakistan and Afghanistan extend beyond the movement of patients and trade at the Torkham border crossing.

Rather, the issues are of grave significance, with the primary concern being the use of Afghan territory for terrorist activities against Pakistan. Asif contends that the TTP is aligned with Kabul, stressing that as neighboring nations, Afghanistan bears a responsibility to ensure peace and stability.

Asif underscores the importance of reciprocity in goodwill and good wishes, asserting that it cannot be one-sided. He accuses terrorists of entering Pakistan by masquerading as caregivers for patients, resulting in casualties among Pakistan's military forces and civilians. He calls for a comprehensive understanding of the background and context of these issues to address them effectively.

Notably, the Torkham border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan recently reopened after a temporary closure following a gun battle between frontier guards. Assistant Commissioner Irshad Khan Mohmamd of Khyber district in Pakistan reports that the clearance of trucks is underway, and Afghan citizens are gradually reentering Afghanistan after completing clearance and immigration procedures.

In summary, Khawaja Asif's remarks highlight the serious concerns surrounding the alleged ties between the TTP and the Afghan interim government, as well as the security challenges faced by Pakistan due to the infiltration of terrorists.

The reopening of the Torkham border crossing signifies a step toward addressing these issues, emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions and cooperation between the two neighboring nations to ensure peace and stability in the region