Afghanistan government gives key guarantees to Pakistan: report

Afghanistan government gives key guarantees to Pakistan: report

Afghanistan's Foreign Minister, Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, recently made a significant statement regarding the use of Afghan soil in relation to Pakistan. According to a report by ARY News, he assured that Afghanistan would refrain from allowing its territory to be used against Pakistan. This assurance came during a meeting between the Afghan Foreign Minister and the Chargé d’Affaires (CdA).

In addition to this commitment, the Afghan Foreign Minister called upon Pakistani authorities to reopen the Torkham border on humanitarian grounds. The Torkham border, a crucial crossing point between Pakistan and Afghanistan, had been closed for seven consecutive days at the time.

This prolonged closure had resulted in the stranding of trade convoys and travelers on both sides of the border.

The standoff at the Torkham border stemmed from an exchange of fire in a dispute, leading to its closure. Talks between Pakistani and Afghan authorities had been held to resolve the issue, but as of the latest update, they had not reached a conclusive agreement.

One of the key triggers for this dispute was the construction of a new security post near the Torkham border by Taliban guards, a move that Pakistan viewed as a violation of mutual agreements.

In summary, the commitment by Afghanistan's Foreign Minister not to use Afghan soil against Pakistan is a notable development in the context of regional relations. The closure of the Torkham border, with its economic and logistical implications, underscores the challenges faced by both countries in maintaining stability along their shared border.

The ongoing discussions and disputes in the region highlight the complex nature of their relationship and the need for diplomatic efforts to address these issues effectively.