Tehmina Durrani complains, "mosquito have left red bites on Shahbaz Sharif"

Tehmina Durrani complains,

LAHORE - Tehmina Durrani, wife of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Shehbaz Sharif has lashed out at the treatment met to her husband in NAB custody.

She has expressed her disgruntle with the condition of her husband’s prison cell.

The acclaimed Pakistani writer had taken to Twitter to announce her displeasure with the state in which the former Punjab chief minister was being kept in custody.

“Today, 8 days after my husband Shabaz Sharif was arrested by NAB, I was finally allowed to meet him. I hv returned home appalled. He lives in a dingy 10+10 cell with an exhaust fan, & not a crack in the concrete 4 fresh air or a ray of light! Thr is no concept of day & nite!” read her tweet.

She went to complain of the lack of facilities saying: “He has 2 repeatedly hit the huge lock on a barred door 4 the jailer 2 hear him & come with keys to take him 3 the public toilet, be it in the middle of the nite.Thr is no AC, & no newspaper but thr r many mosquitos wich hv left many red bites! He is taken 4 a walk in a corridor.”