US signals slow down of troops withdrawl from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: There are more than 6,000 non-US forces contributing to the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg told reporters flatly:I sense that many allies are willing to stay longer if needed. US President Brack Obama had aimed to with draw all but a small US force before leaving office, pinning his hopes on training and equipping local forces to contain Taliban militants fighting to return to power. Washington has spent around $US65 billions on preparing the Afghan National Security Forces ANSF of about 350,000 personnel. Mr. Carter said he was preparing a US funding request to sustain Afghan troops at their target peak levels of around 350,000 in 2017 and beyond. U.S Army General John Campbell, commander of International Forces in Afghanistan, has prepared options for Obama that could see the United States keep thousands of troops in Afghanistan after 2016, U.S Officials say No decisions have been made. US Policy had to adapt to the changing situation on the ground. This means that we put the responsibility into the Afghanistan hands in a way that they are actually capable to keep their country stable.