Shocking revelation of Indian manipulation during Pakistan India World Cup match

Shocking revelation of Indian manipulation during Pakistan India World Cup match

A recent news report has stirred controversy by accusing the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) of violating ICC regulations. The report alleges that the Indian cricket regulator switched the pitch for the match in Mumbai against New Zealand, a move supposedly aimed at favoring India's spinners during the knockout stage.

According to the Daily Mail Sport, the controversy may persist if India advances to the final in Ahmedabad, as the BCCI could potentially change the pitch once again.

The responsibility for pitch preparation at ICC events lies with consultant Andy Atkinson, who usually collaborates with the home board to decide which strips on the square will be used for each match.

However, in this case, the agreement between Atkinson and the BCCI was not honored as the tournament entered its crucial phase. Despite plans to use an entirely fresh surface for the semi-final, a last-minute WhatsApp message circulated on Tuesday indicated that pitch No 6, previously used by England, South Africa, India, and Sri Lanka, would be the chosen venue. An unspecified problem was cited for the exclusion of the initially planned fresh pitch.

Concerns extend to the preparation of the pitch for the final in Ahmedabad, prompting Atkinson to fly to the location in frustration last Friday. It has also come to light that the pitch for the high-profile clash between Pakistan and India was altered.

The report reveals that the schedule for the matches did not adhere to the agreed-upon pitches, leading Atkinson to express his dissatisfaction, stating in an email to his superiors that changes were made "without proper notice or forewarning."