Shocking: India lands in big controversy over manipulating World Cup

Shocking: India lands in big controversy over manipulating World Cup

The Cricket World Cup faces controversy as the Indian board allegedly changed the pitch for their team's semi-final against New Zealand in Mumbai without ICC approval. Similar actions may be taken if India reaches the final in Ahmedabad, where three of four group games were played on different surfaces than scheduled.

Pitch preparation at ICC events involves consultation with the governing body's consultant, Andy Atkinson.

However, it has been reported that this agreement was ignored in the tournament's crucial stages. The semi-final is set to be played on a pitch used twice, potentially favoring India's spinners in their quest for the World Cup final.

The designated fresh surface, pitch No 7 at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium, was supposed to host the semi-final. Yet, a circulated WhatsApp message revealed a switch to pitch No 6, previously used for England vs. South Africa and India vs. Sri Lanka. Atkinson was reportedly informed of an issue with pitch No 7, a view he does not share.

Concerns extend to the final at Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday, with doubts about plans being unilaterally altered. Atkinson's frustration at the lack of clarity prompted him to fly to Ahmedabad last Friday, indicating the escalating tensions surrounding pitch decisions in the tournament's pinnacle moments.