Shiekh Rashid makes stunning claims about his forced interview

Shiekh Rashid makes stunning claims about his forced interview

Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed revealed that he felt compelled to grant an interview upon reappearing after an enigmatic month-long disappearance following the May 9 incidents.

As a crucial petitioner in the Faizabad dharna case, he withdrew his review petition after presenting himself before the Supreme Court, emphasizing that he faced no torture during his month-long "chilla."

Upon exiting the courtroom, Sheikh Rashid was immediately surrounded by journalists inquiring about his recent interview with a private TV channel. He clarified that his original intention was to conduct a press conference but claimed to have been directed to participate in an interview instead.

Despite vehemently denying any torture during his "chilla," Sheikh Rashid, in a contradictory twist, extended forgiveness to the police officials and those accused of mistreating him.

Emphatically swearing that no harm befell him, he expressed a willingness to endure another "chilla," highlighting the presence of his bed still in his car.

Remaining steadfast in his commitment to two-seat politics symbolized by pen and paper, Sheikh Rashid called on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to support him in upcoming elections, vowing to persist in his political endeavors.