Smog to persist in region: Met office

Smog to persist in region: Met office

BAHAWALPUR: Smog is expected to persist in the city during the next 24 hours, local met office said.

Maximum and minimum temperature during this time span would remain 27 C and 09 C respectively.

The met office has also forecast smog for rest of the region during the next 24 hours.

Smog engulfed Bahawalpur and surrounding areas causing light cold weather.

The local met office said light and moderate smog will remain to be reported in the region in morning time during the next few days.

“Smog has been taking place due to burn off stuff at rice factories, brick killens and rising pollution in the air in India which had also been heading towards Pakistan, especially Lahore, Bahawalpur and other districts bordering India,” it said.