Oscar winning AR Rehman broke Ramadan fast at Cannes 2019

Oscar winning AR Rehman broke Ramadan fast at Cannes 2019

CANNES – Grammy and Oscar-winning musician AR Rahman broke his Ramadan fast and had his iftar dinner at Cannes 2019.

Rahman is in France to promote his directorial Le Musk (India’s first virtual reality film) presented by Intel at the Cannes Film Festival. He took to Instagram, where he posted several photographs of himself. At Cannes, he broke his fast at 8:51 pm.

In one image, Rahman is seen sitting and holding a glass of apple juice and a plate of salad kept on the table. He captioned the image: “8:51 pm iftaar”. Iftar breaks the daily fast of Ramadan for Muslims around the world.

Not so long ago, while having an interview with media person, Rahman had spoken about his faith in Islam and said, “It’s not about converting to Islam, it’s about finding the spot and seeing whether it presses the button in you.

The spiritual teachers, the Sufi teachers, taught me and my mom things that are very, very special. There are special things in every faith, and this is the one we chose. And we stand by it.”

Prayer has been extremely beneficial. It has saved me from many falls. In between prayers, I think, ‘Oh, I have to pray, so I can’t do this mischief’. People from other faiths do the same thing and are peaceful too. For me, this works”, he added.