Online Video game PUBG hits Indian Military soldiers

Online Video game PUBG hits Indian Military soldiers

NEW DELHI - Player Unknown's Battegrounds or PUBG addiction is affecting Indian security forces owing to which the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans have been banned from playing the mobile game.

A senior CRPF officer posted in New Delhi told News18 that the CRPF jawans had been barred from playing PUBG. This had been done owing to the fact that PUBG "addiction had affected jawan's operational capabilities."

The senior CRPF officer told the publication that many younger personnel in the CRPF troops have grown addicted to PUBG due to which they had stopped socialising with their fellow jawans.

The PUBG addiction had also led to sleep deprivation in CRPF jawans, which in turn had led to reduced physical activity.

"It's getting these men addicted to it and getting them engaged to a great extent which is affecting their ops performance, aggressive and attitudinal issues," the order issued earlier this month states.