Hazara Motorway complete inauguration date announced

Hazara Motorway complete inauguration date announced

ABBOTTABAD - Commissioner Hazara Division, Syed Zaheer ul Islam on Wednesday said the government had decided to open all the three interchanges of Hazara Motorway for Havelian, Abbottabad and Manshera simultaneously.

He was talking to media during his visit to motorway from Shah Maqsood to Abbottabad Shimla Hill. He said from Shah Maqsood to Havelian three culverts and two bridges were under construction that would take two more months for completion.

During the visit, he also directed National Highway Authority (NHA) to improve quality of work.

He said all the three interchanges on Hazara motorway including Havelian Maira, Mangal Saji Kot, and Manshera would be opened simultaneously to avoid traffic congestion problems of Abbottabad city.

To link Abbottabad city with Hazara motorway, a PC-I was being prepared for 1.5 kilometers long Thanda Maira to General Bus Stand Abbottabad interchange that would be completed within two weeks.