In a first, Pakistan Russia to enhance intelligence cooperation

In a first, Pakistan Russia to enhance intelligence cooperation

*ISLAMABAD: *Russia on Wednesday lauded Pakistan’s sacrifices in the fight against terrorism, saying Kremlin is committed to enhanced security, defence, intelligence as well as economic cooperation with Islamabad.

The statement came from deputy secretary of the National Security Council of the Russia Federation, Mikhail Popov, who held talks with National Security Adviser (NSA) Lt General (retd) Naseer Khan Janjua and in a separate meeting with Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua.

An NSA official said that besides focusing on enhancing the scope of bilateral relations and cooperation, matters related to regional security situation also came under discussion.

“The NSA warmly received and welcomed the visiting Russian official and thanked him for coming over to Pakistan. Such visits always prove to be instrumental in enhancing better understanding and further strengthening of bilateral relations,” he said.

The NSA gave them a detailed presentation focusing on the global trends of power politics, regional security situation and the role which Pakistan plays against terrorism and also in maintaining the regional strategic balance.

Nasser Khan Janjua highlighted connectivity potential of Pakistan and how the whole region and the world could gain from Pakistan experience.

He said Pakistan was a country which held great future potential. “Only the world needs to recognise and capitalise on it by the way of cooperation, not confrontation. Seeking economic prosperity and investing in the peace will enable the world to reap the benefits which Pakistan can offer.”

He stressed the importance of increasing cooperation among the regional countries and suggested that collective efforts were required to seek peace and stability for the region. He also applauded the cooperative outlook of Russia in different areas.

“We are two great nations who have risen beyond past to embrace the bright future together,” he said.

Mikhail Popov appreciated the positive outlook of Islamabad and also acknowledged the sacrifices made by Pakistan against terrorism.

He reiterated the commitment of his government to enhance cooperation with Pakistan in all possible areas including military, defence, intelligence, security, energy and training.

Both sides expressed satisfaction over the upward trajectory of bilateral relations and expressed a strong resolve to strengthen it further.