Construction of new dams to meet water crisis: Zafar

Construction of new dams to meet water crisis: Zafar

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Information Minister Syed Ali Zafar has said that bold steps should be taken for water conservation including construction of new dams in the country to meet the water crisis.

In an interview with PTV, he said we must pay equal attention to water like health and education.

The Minister said electricity is being produced through hydro and other plants and the government is making guidelines for the balance in power production and supply.

He said that zero load-shedding is not possible due to transmission problems in the country and the new government has to look into to matter on priority basis. He said that the existing transmission system is incapable for supply of produced electricity to the consumers.

He said holding of general election is the basic priority and responsibility of the caretaker government.

He said steps are being taken according to the given constitutional mandate to meet the financial challenges and energy crises.

Syed Ali Zafar said circular debt is a huge challenge for economy of the country. He said that the country is facing the problem of circular debt and the new government should take serious steps to decline the same.