Shaan Shahid slammed for attacking Shah Rukh Khan, son Aryan Khan

Shaan Shahid slammed for attacking Shah Rukh Khan, son Aryan Khan

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid is always engulfed in one controversy or another for the unsolicited advice he keeps throwing flippantly at people.

This time around, he is being slammed for trolling legendary Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan , also known as the King of Bollywood, and his son Aryan Khan for their poor voice-over stints in 'The Lion King'.

While the teaser of 'The Lion King' was received with an abundance of love from fans all across the world, Shaan got confused by the likeness of the father-son duo's voices and slammed SRK for "destroy(ing) an iconic film with Hindi dub".

Ironically, he picked the teaser with Aryan's voice to point out that the superstar did not change his voice expression and that "it is like any other V/O he does for his films."

This did not go down well with SRK fans as they ripped Shaan apart for his infamous gaffe.

"First of all, THIS IS NOT SHAH RUKH'S VOICE. Second of all, AAP MAT DEKHNA. THIRD OF ALL, WE ARE LOVING THIS. PERIOD," one Twitter user wrote.

"Ahahah look who is giving lecture on acting... And to whom? Man he's KING! He don't need your opinion. Thank you so much for wasting your time and energy," another commented.

In an interview, the 'Zero' actor said that he had to say his lines in a particular scene all over again as his voice had an eerie similarity with that of Aryan's.

"We were listening to one of the scenes and all the experts in the dubbing theater said I sounded like him (Aryan). They told me I'd have to dub the scene again because we sounded too much like each other, which I never thought was the case. It was a sweet thing for a father to know, it was extremely special and heart-warming," he said.

'The Lion King' is a reboot of Disney's much-loved animated classic of the same name. Directed by Jon Favreau, the film will open in cinemas in India on July 19.

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