A turning point in Pakistan US Foreign Policy

A turning point in Pakistan US Foreign Policy

ISLAMABAD - It is a good omen that ice between Pakistan and United States is melting gradually and relations between two countries are improving. The Trump administration has changed its policies regarding South Asia and started dealing Pakistan fairly.

It is diplomatic victory of the incumbent government of Pakistan that Washington has come to the point of realization that Pakistan’s cooperation is imperative and significant for regional peace.

Pakistan has always played a very constructive role for peace in the region. Washington is an important capital for Pakistan, however we believe in the relations based on mutual respect and equality.

Trump administration should consider Pakistan’s reservations on Indian involvement in Afghanistan, balance of power in the region and compensation of Pakistan’s losses in the war against terrorism. US administration acknowledges Pakistan’s stance on Afghan dispute.

Cameron Munter has soft corner for Pakistan and US think tanks will weight his opinion about Pakistan.

It is a very good omen that the Trump administration’s perception about Pakistan has changed. Pakistan is playing a very constructive role and facilitating US administration to resolve Afghan dispute.

Pakistan’s stance is clear that Afghan led Afghan owned peace process is ultimate solution to Afghan crises. Islamabad’s role for regional is significant. PTI led government has following an effective foreign policy.

Dr. Haider Mehdi (IR Expert -American University Sharjah):

It is highly important for Pakistan’s political establishment to understand that global political shifts in coming days depend on the Trump pre- election policies.

Trump wants to resolve Afghan dispute and it is a great opportunity for Pakistan to emerge as an important political player by facilitating US administration in resolving Afghan dispute.

Islamabad has to adopt impressive perception management to make Trump realize that peaceful solution to Afghan dispute will make him one of the most popular presidents in the history of United States.