Twinkle Khanna has an important message for Pakistanis

Twinkle Khanna has an important message for Pakistanis

NEW DELHI: Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna recently reacted to Pakistan banning Bollywood lick PadMan, stating that the country needed to see the flick since this was a problem women in general go through. 

When Twinkle Khanna and director R. Balki were asked as to what they thought about the flick being banned in Pakistan, the witty writer said that she wished the film would be screened in Pakistan.

“I think women menstruate no matter where you put a boundary, a border. We menstruate this side. We menstruate that side, and it is important for them to see it (the film) as well. I wish that they’d change their mind and show the movie,” she said.

Director R.Balki said that Pakistan had banned the movie and although the country had its own reasons, they were wrong.

“Padman is not banned in Pakistan alone. They have their own reasons. They have their wrong reason. You do something very unfair to women and humanity if you do such things. It is not only about this movie. It is the story of this man’s life, and what issue it is addressing.”

R.Balki revealed that the movie had done well in regions which were considered conservative such as the Middle East.

“This is not just an Indian film. It is not political stuff. It is a simple film for humanity,” he said.

Padman had made its way to the top of the box office in India. The plot of the film focuses on a man who revolutionizes the production of sanitary pads for women in India.APP/AFP