Iran Film Festival opens in Karachi amidst public excitement

Iran Film Festival opens in Karachi amidst public excitement

KARACHI:A four-day Iran Film Festival opened here Wednesday evening offering people in general and connoisseur of art in particular an opportunity to also enjoy movies that have gained international acclaim over the years.

The festival to continue till February 18 was formally inaugurated by known film director and actor Javed Shaikh amidst presence of a sizable number of people from different walks of life at Khana e Farhang, Culture Centre of Islamic Republic of Iran,Karachi.

Two films, dubbed into Urdu and encompassing wide range of subjects, will be screened on daily basis from 1500 hours to 1700hours.

Shaikh, on behalf of citizens expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Culture Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Director of Khana e Farhang for providing a chance to the people to have a glimpse of the developments in the lives of people with whomthey enjoy long ties and strong bondage.

Mentioning that film industry in Iran has been cultivated on strong lines and are not only internationally recognized for their content but also technical excellence, Shaikh said the festival is also an opportunity for Pakistan's film industry to initiate joint ventures with Iran.

"In view of the culture, tradition and above all the religion we share this is definitely a chance to further strengthen our relationship," he said.

"It has been well communicated by our brothers from Iran that despite no music and dance films is a medium that can attract public attraction on basis of its substance," he said adding feature films are an efficient tool to bring about needed changes in the public mind set.

Dr. Muhammad Raza Baqri, Director, Khana e Farhang said since Islamic revolution in his country concerted efforts were made to promote Islamic values with particular focus on the fact that Islam itself is a progressive religion.

'We as followers of Islam have to contribute towards progress in every sphere of life in accordance with our religious norms, he said.

"Since the revolution films and other relevant mediums have been turned into gadget of awareness so as to bring about needed change in public perception about life itself and their responsibilities towards each other," he elaborated.

Samar Raza, a budding film maker of Pakistan and Agha Moosavi, media coordinator of the culture centre also spoke on the occasion.APP/AFP