China becomes top market for Bell Helicopters

China becomes top market for Bell Helicopters

BEIJING:Global helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopter received a record 210 orders from China in 2017, a senior executive announced Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

"We took more orders from the Asia Pacific region in 2017 than all of our other markets combined. China is the leading force in the region," said Patrick Moulay, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at Bell Helicopter.
"Big orders from the Chinese market contributed to Bell's success in 2017. China has become our top market worldwide," Moulay said.

In mid-2017, the Texas-based Bell Helicopter and the Shaanxi Helicopter signed a purchase agreement for 100 Bell 407GXP single-engine helicopters.
These helicopters will be built in the Bell's US plant and shipped to China to be assembled.

Some of them will be configured for customers' requirements in emergency rescue and medical services, fire fighting or law enforcement to meet the country's urgent demand in these fields.

In 2017, Bell Helicopter also received a total of 110 orders from the Beijing-based Reignwood Group for Bell 505 Jet Ranger X single-engine helicopters, including 60 confirmed and 50 provisional orders.APP