Pakistan's Hydropower projects construction status update

Pakistan's Hydropower projects construction status update

Ground-breaking of 2160 MW Dasu Hydel Power Project would be performed in June this year and Neelum-Jhelum would become operational in February next year.

This information was given to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by Chairman WAPDA Muzammil Hussain at a briefing in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister had tasked the newly appointed chairman to speed up execution of crucially significant hydro power projects; meeting the deadlines set for their completion.

Neelum Jhelum hydroelectric project will be ready for inauguration in February next year. The project’s dry test is scheduled for December this year while the wet test will be undertaken by February next year by generating electricity. The second unit of Neelum Jhelum will be operational by March next year while the 3rd and 4th unit by April next year.

The Chairman said that speedy execution is underway on Kachhi Canal Project which consist of main canal and distribution system.

The project will provide irrigation water to an area of 72, 000 acres in Dera Bugti, after its completion in August this year.

A total of 9,917 acres of land acquisition will be completed by May this year for the 2, 160 MW Dasu hydro power project. Ground breaking of main works on Dasu project by the Prime Minister will be performed in June this year and the project will be completed at cost of 4,300 million dollar.

The Golen Gol hydro project will produce electricity three times more than the requirements of Chitral. The project having an installed capacity of 108 MW would be completed with a cost of over 29 billion rupees by December this year.

Tarbela 4th Extension Project will enhance the capacity of the project from 3, 478 MW to 4, 888 MW and the first unit of the extension will be commissioned in December this year. The 2nd and 3rd units will be commissioned by the mid of next year.