Pakistani Rupee weakened against the US dollar

Pakistani Rupee weakened against the US dollar

Karachi: Pakistani Rupee weakened against US dollar on Monday after the local currency closed at Rs160.47 against the greenback.

This was 33 paisas lower than Friday’s closing of Rs160.14.

According to details, the Pakistani Rupee weakened by 33 paisas against the US dollar in interbank trading and closed at Rs. 160.47 as compared to the previous day's closing of 160.13 before the weekend.

Meanwhile, according to Forex Association of Pakistan, the buying and selling rates of dollar in the open market were recorded at Rs. 159.7 and Rs. 160.5 respectively.

Earlier in November, the rupee became the third best performing currency in Asia as it hit a seven-month high of Rs. 158.70 against dollar.