SC decision on Hudaibiya case appeal protects courts’ dignity: Talal

SC decision on Hudaibiya case appeal protects courts’ dignity: Talal

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Interior and PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry hailed the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to dismiss the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)'s appeal to reopen the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case .

Talal said the Supreme Court’s decision is a win for the courts and the judiciary as it protects the courts’ dignity.

“I have always said this, the courts should stay away from cases motivated by political gains. Today’s decision by Pakistan’s top court translates into a victory for the courts, as it protects and restores the courts’ dignity,” he said.

Asked if the decision was a positive development for his party, the PML-N leader said he feels it is a neutral decision because there was nothing to the case from the start.

“[Such] cases are politically motivated. [Hudaibiya] case could not even stand its ground during the black era of Musharraf.”

He reiterated that courts should not take up cases motivated by political gains, since it went against their dignity.

“As a political worker, I’d say this: the courts and institutions should stay away from political matters so that their dignity is maintained,” he remarked.

Analysts’ reaction

Senior journalist Saleem Safi termed the Supreme Court’s dismissal of NAB appeal as a win for the ruling PML-N party and said if the Hudaibiya case had reopened, the Sharif family’s difficulties would have increased.

“It was clear that if this case had reopened, more difficulties would have been created for the Sharif family and the opposition would have received a boost. Now that the country’s top court has dismissed NAB’s appeal to reopen the case, the only pressure remaining on CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif is the Model Town report,” he remarked.

The veteran journalist added that he believes matters of political significance and repercussions should not be brought before the judiciary.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said the Hudaibiya case had held a lot of importance for the opposition.

“It is now PML-N’s turn to play on this victory,” he said, noting that if PTI chief Imran Khan emerges victorious in the disqualification case verdict today, “his position would be strong in the 2018 election since his narrative against corruption would get vindicated.”


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