PTI, BAP threaten not to support each other in Centre, Balochistan

PTI, BAP threaten not to support each other in Centre, Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: Tension developed between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) on Tuesday prior to the National Assembly’s session today (Wednesday) over distribution of ministries and both threatened not to support each other in the Centre and Balochistan.

Sources said the BAP told PTI that it will get two ministries and deputy speakership in Balochistan after the chief minister’s election and the names will be announced later. However, the PTI wanted to get the ministries of finance and Planning and Development in Balochistan, to which the BAP did not agree. This infuriated the PTI leadership which told the BAP that it will extend support in the election of Balochistan chief minister and speaker, but will not seek any ministry or other position in return. Sources said the BAP parliamentary party has informed the party chief Imran Khan about the situation.

Meanwhile, the BAP spokesman in a statement said the party has not been informed by the PTI about its share in the federal cabinet. He said the BAP will not support the PTI in the election of prime minister and speaker if assurance was not made on the federal ministries.

On special instructions of Imran Khan, Jehangir Tareen telephoned BAP leader Jam Kamal and assured him to resolve all issued with mutual consultations.

The BAP MNAs also met with Zubaida Jalal in the chair and seriously considered staying away from the polling procedure as protest against attitude of the leading party’s leadership in the House. However, on instructions of Imran Khan, the issue was resolved within few hours and the PTI managed to secure support from the BAP parliamentarians. A three-member delegation comprising speaker candidate Asad Qaiser himself, Pervaiz Khattak and Jehangir Tareen met the BAP parliamentarians at Balochistan House later on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Asad Qaisar accompanied by some parliamentarians of his party met former NA speaker and leader of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) Dr Fehmida Mirza to secure support of three members of the alliance.

“We will support the PTI candidates feeling that it is time to strengthen democratic system in the country,” Fehmida Mirza said.

Fehmida Mirza appreciated the PTI for nomination of candidates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan for the slots of the speaker and the deputy speaker. She maintained that such steps would help address sense of deprivation in the smaller provinces. “We will collectively work for a strong federation,” she said. Asad Qaiser thanked the GDA leadership for their support and said the people had given mandate to the PTI and it would work towards resolution of their problems.