Erdogan says Turkey to 'boycott' US electronic goods

Erdogan says Turkey to 'boycott' US electronic goods

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said turkey would boycott us electronic goods in retaliation for punitive sanctions by Washington against Ankara over the detention of an American pastor.

In a televised address Erdogan said if the United States have the Iphone, there's Samsung on the other side, referring to US giant Apple's iconic phone and the top South Korean brand.

Erdogan said he expected attacks on Turkey's economy to continue but predicted the Lira would return to "rational levels" soon.

The Turkish leader, who has described the Lira's fall as the consequence of a plot rather than economic fundamentals, also said that spreading false news about the economy was treason and recent U.S. actions were "a stab in the back" against Ankara.

Relations between the two NATO allies have plummeted in one of their worst crises in decades after the detention of US pastor Andrew Brunson on terror-related charges, sending the Turkish lira into free fall against the dollar.