Donald Trump lashes out at crooked American Media

Donald Trump lashes out at crooked American Media

WASHINGTON (APP) - Donald Trump , clearly angered by news reports that he has grown depressed and sullen over his fading presidential prospects, has issued some of his sharpest attacks on the media.

"I am not running against Crooked Hillary Clinton ," the Republican presidential candidate said in a speech late Saturday in Fairfield,

Connecticut. "I'm running against the crooked media ."

Trump seemed particularly upset with a New York Times article that quotes unnamed associates of his as saying that in private "his mood is often sullen and erratic." Republicans close to his campaign were quoted as saying he was "exhausted, frustrated and still bewildered" by the political process.

The real estate tycoon returned to his message on Sunday, tweeting: "My rallies are not covered properly by the media. They never discuss the real message and never show crowd size or enthusiasm."

Later, amid a flurry of further tweets on the subject, he added: "It is not 'freedom of the press' when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even if it is completely false!"

Trump has complained for months about media coverage. He has stripped a long list of news organizations -- including the New York Times , Buzzfeed, Politico and the Washington Post -- of their credentials, and vowed that as president he would make it easier to sue news outlets.

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