Not conspiracy but ‘foreign interference’ was reported in the NSC meeting

Not conspiracy but ‘foreign interference’ was reported in the NSC meeting

Responding to a question about the Army leadership's stance on Imran Khan link claim of a foreign conspiracy to oust him and whether the NSC had endorsed such a claim, Babar Iftikhar link that the word "conspiracy" was not mention in the statement released after a meeting of the National Security Committee last month regarding the letter.

"As far as military link response about the NSC meeting was considered, that stance, in that meeting was fully given, and then a statement was issued ... which clearly says what was concluded in that meeting. The words used are in front of you ... as I said ... the words used are clear. Is there any word such as conspiracy used in it? I think not. We cannot disclose the minutes of the NSC meeting. We gave our input."

Maj-Gen Babar Iftikhar link said the minutes of the NSC meeting can be declassified if the government decides.

*Don't drag Army into politics*

He also asked political parties and the public not to drag the Pakistan Army into politics, adding any effort to create a rift between people and the armed forces is against national interest.

The ISPR DG link maintained "The Army has nothing to do with the political process that took place a few days back in the country." He said that the armed forces of the country have "nothing to do with politics". He said that the institution has decided to remain apolitical in the future as well.

The ISPR DG link rubbished rumours doing round on social media about the establishment link meeting opposition parties. "There is no truth to this," he asserted.

"I heard these things... Investigative journalism has gone forward a lot. If someone has evidence, bring it forward. There were no such contacts, no deal... For Godsake, there is nothing like this," he said.