Bilawal Bhutto Zardari reveals the choice of his life partner

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari reveals the choice of his life partner

ISLAMABAD - The quick interview with Bilawal is shot in Vogue’s 73 question’s kind of format, where the PPP’s young chairman Bilawal is seen merrily answering all the random questions thrown at him. Bilawal is seen seated in an office environment- as the interview continues; Bilalwal is seen, walking the watchers through the corridors of his home. When asked what Netflix show he has been watching lately, the young politician replied that he hasn’t had the time to watch anything on Netflix lately, although he does remember watching planet earth two a few days ago.

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Bilalwal also seems very close to both of his sisters as he mentions his sisters more than once in the interview, he even shared that the siblings never fight. Bilwal considers himself to be his (late) mom’s most favorite child. When answering the question on what kind of life partner is he looking for, Bilalwal replied: “There has to be a level of connectivity? We would have to get along. She would have to be intelligent and educated; also perhaps a sense of humor and most importantly get along with my sisters.”

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When asked what he likes about his opponent Prime Minister Imran Khan, Bilawal replied,”hmmm… I am still looking for something to like about Mr.Khan.”

When Inquired about his witty side in the parliament, Bilawal replied:

“Politicians have to communicate and we have to deploy different tools to communicate and I believe comedy and sarcasm can sometimes be an effective tool, but it can also get you into trouble.”

He was even asked when he would go for a haircut, to which he replied that the politician is not big on dressing and grooming.