American woman travels all the way to Haripur to marry her Facebook friend


ISLAMABAD - An American woman travelled all the way to Haripur, Pakistan to marry a man she met on Facebook .

Mary Kathleen met Adeel Awan when he first sent her a friend request on Facebook after which the two got to talking.

According to reports, Mary, whose Muslim name is now Maryam, travelled all the way to Haripur and converted to Islam and then married Adeel.

The wedding pictures show the bride, dressed in traditional clothes, surrounded by Adeel's family.

The woman had met the man on Facebook a year ago

This is not the first instance where a foreign woman has married a Pakistani man after meeting through Facebook .

In January,A Canadian woman travelled all the way to Pakistan to tie the knot with a man she met online.

Agnetha had met Qaiser Abbas, who hails from Jalalpur Bhattian, on the social media website Facebook .