US warns Russia on Fighter Jet buzz over US Naval Destroyer 

WASHINGTON: US warned Russia on Fighter Jet buzz Over US Naval Destroyer and claimed that it could have shot down those jets.


US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the Russian move and claimed that its too dangerous.


He said “People need to understand that this is serious business and the United States is not going to be intimidated on the high seas.”


Kerry claimed that negotiations on the matter are under process with Russia and US hopes that it will never  be repeated again.


Russian defence ministry defended its side and said “both jets turned away in observance of all safety measures.”


It said “All flights of the Russian aircraft are in strict compliance with international rules of the use of air space.”


Earlier, two Russian SU-24 fighter jets buzz the US Naval Destroyer ‘Donald Cook’ in the Baltic Sea amid ongoing US Navy drills.


Sources claimed that a Russian KA-27 helicopter also seen flying around the vessel and also took pictures.


US strongly condemned the move and claimed to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergie Lavrov.