Tensions at Pakistan Afghanistan Torkham border as stalemate continues

Tensions at Pakistan Afghanistan Torkham border as stalemate continues

The Torkham border, a crucial crossing point connecting Pakistan and Afghanistan, has remained inaccessible for a week, causing considerable disruptions to trade convoys and travelers. The closure of this vital border, one of the primary links between the two neighboring nations, was initiated following an exchange of gunfire during a dispute, leaving hundreds of trucks loaded with essential goods stranded on both sides.

Efforts to resolve the situation have been made through meetings between Pakistani and Afghan authorities, but unfortunately, these discussions have yielded no conclusive results.

The recent escalation of tensions began when Taliban guards initiated the construction of a new security post near the Torkham border. Pakistan viewed this as a violation of mutual agreements, leading to the closure.

Pakistan expressed its surprise at the Afghan foreign ministry's statement regarding the border's closure, emphasizing that the interim Afghan authorities were fully aware of the reasons behind the temporary shutdown.

The Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, stated that Pakistan could not tolerate the construction of any structures by the interim Afghan government within its territory, as this action infringed upon its sovereignty.

Furthermore, Baloch highlighted that on September 6th, instead of pursuing a peaceful resolution, Afghan troops engaged in indiscriminate firing, targeting Pakistani military posts and causing damage to the infrastructure at the Torkham Border Terminal. Such actions posed significant risks to the lives of both Pakistani and Afghan civilians, especially when attempting to erect unauthorized structures. Baloch firmly asserted that this unprovoked and indiscriminate firing on Pakistani border posts could not be justified under any circumstances.