Russia makes multiple new offers to Pakistan

Russia makes multiple new offers to Pakistan

Danila Ganich, the Ambassador representing the Russian Federation, has expressed a desire for the establishment of an autonomous payment system between Pakistan and Russia to enhance their trade relations. This aspiration was shared during his participation in a seminar titled 'Pakistan-Russia Relations and the Way Ahead,' organized by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) as part of the 'Diplomatic Reflections' forum.

During this event, Ambassador Ganich delved into various topics, including the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the state of bilateral ties between Pakistan and Russia, and regional issues of significance.

In regard to the bilateral relations with Pakistan, Ambassador Ganich highlighted the robust communication and cooperation existing at all levels. He emphasized the growing understanding and collaboration in political, military, and commercial spheres.

Furthermore, he acknowledged Russia's support for Pakistan in addressing the issue of Islamophobia, emphasizing the importance of respecting all religions. He criticized Western advocacy for unrestricted freedom of speech, especially when it leads to societal polarization.

Ambassador Ganich also expressed Russia's solidarity with Pakistan in combating terrorism, recognizing the significant sacrifices the country has made with approximately 80,000 casualties during the war on terror. Additionally, he mentioned the continuation of military exercises between the two nations, referred to as 'Friendship,' with plans for an upcoming episode next year.

Furthermore, Ambassador Ganich revealed Russia's willingness to supply oil to Pakistan, highlighting that while the country is under sanctions, negotiations are conducted confidentially and terms are agreed upon by independent commercial entities