PM Kakar reacts over President announcement of elections date

PM Kakar reacts over President announcement of elections date

During a recent appearance on a private TV channel, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar provided insights into the prospective timing of the upcoming general elections. He indicated that the elections might take place either in mid-January or towards the end of January, but he emphasized that the authority to officially announce the election date rests with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Prime Minister Kakar underscored the readiness of the caretaker government to support the electoral process, maintain law and order, and address financial matters associated with the election.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Kakar highlighted the importance of the delimitation process, which is both a constitutional requirement and a due procedure. He noted that the President had advised the ECP on this matter, and the ECP would engage in discussions to determine the appropriate boundaries for constituencies.

The caretaker government, he mentioned, had identified individuals, both at the federal and provincial levels, who were implicated in smuggling and illegal trade activities. Legal action was being taken against these individuals, with evidence being gathered for their prosecution.

Prime Minister Kakar also shed light on the issue of currency conversion and its role in regional economic dynamics. He pointed out that US dollars were being converted into various currencies and stashed across the region, contributing to a detrimental cycle of economic instability.

To counter this, the government was implementing physical crackdowns and border management measures to disrupt these illegal activities. Additionally, he discussed the artificial inflation caused by hoarding and smuggling and highlighted the ongoing operations aimed at curbing these practices, which had already yielded positive outcomes, such as a reduction in the price of commodities like sugar.