Afghanistan top security official killed in IED blast by Taliban

Afghanistan top security official killed in IED blast by Taliban

KABUL: A top security official lost his life in an explosion triggered by the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in southeastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan .

According to the local officials, the incident took place in the vicinity of Jaghatoo district, claiming the life of the district police chief.

Provincial police spokesman Fahim Amar Khel confirmed the incident and said the district police chief Mohammad Ishaq Jalili was busy visiting the security posts and patrolling in the area when the incident took place.

He said only the police chief lost his life and no one else was hurt in the attack.

The Taliban militants group claimed responsibility behind the incident.

The anti-government armed militant groups frequently use explosives materials for the roadside bombings and car bombings to target the government staff and security personnel.

However, in majority of such incidents the ordinary civilians are targeted besides such bombings incur casualties to the security personnel and in some cases the Taliban militants themselves are killed or wounded.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)  in its latest reported highlighted that 40 per cent of all civilian casualties during the six-month period were killed or injured by anti-government forces using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), such as suicide bombs and pressure-plate devices, which were responsible for the deaths of 596 civilians and injured 1,483.

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