Restrictions imposed on Pakistan cricket team movement in India

Restrictions imposed on Pakistan cricket team movement in India

Ahmedabad - The Pakistan cricket team arrived in Ahmedabad from Hyderabad via a chartered flight on Wednesday. The main highlight of the week is the match schedule against India. The players had their practice session today, which will continue tomorrow.

Unlike Hyderabad, Ahmedabad will have tighter security measures in place. According to sources, the host team's senior officials made it clear in the meeting that there are no security concerns for the Pakistan team. However, extra precautions will still be taken in Ahmedabad.

They do not want the players to visit any public places and potentially face negative comments or incidents. This could lead to an unpleasant situation. But if the players wish to go to restaurants or other places, they should inform in advance, and arrangements will be made.

Sources revealed that it was already known that extra precautions would be needed in Ahmedabad before the team's arrival.

Also, they will only be staying there for a few days. The team will depart for Bangalore the next day for the match. The team management has arranged a pool table for the cricketers in the hotel for their recreation. Table tennis facilities are also available. Opportunities for exercise and training are present as well.

One player mentioned that they had a great time in Hyderabad, where they went out for dinner twice. They enjoyed biryani for the first time and then tried kebabs and other dishes on the second occasion. They had a lively experience of archery and go-karting and had the chance to do some shopping. They were warmly welcomed at the airport. The hotel staff was very hospitable and took good care of them. It is hoped that they will experience similar hospitality in other cities as well.