Police Officers allegedly gang raped woman for 17 days

Police Officers allegedly gang raped woman for 17 days

In Multan, a woman has come forward with a harrowing account, alleging that Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Akbar Shaheen, along with his friends, subjected her to continuous rape over a 17-day period. The victim managed to escape from ASI Shaheen's residential quarters and urgently sought help by calling the police helpline 15.

Despite the traumatic experience, the woman faced further distress as she claimed to receive threats from Shaheen's colleagues. Shockingly, her complaints were met with inaction, as her medical examination, crucial for establishing the facts, had not been conducted.

In an attempt to gather evidence, the woman resorted to filming a video of ASI Shaheen's residential quarters using her mobile phone. However, instead of receiving support for her ordeal, she asserted that the law enforcement officers began to harass her.

Expressing her desperation for justice, the victim issued a stark ultimatum, threatening to take her own life if her case remained unresolved. This alarming incident adds to a concerning pattern, as similar cases of abuse by law enforcement have surfaced, such as the alleged molestation of a nurse in Faisalabad by two policemen in August.

In that incident, two police officers named Shujaat and Suhaib reportedly intercepted a nurse on Kanal Road in Samundari, Faisalabad, where they perpetrated the assault before fleeing the scene.