Shah Rukh Khan reveals the secret behind his success

Shah Rukh Khan reveals the secret behind his success

MUMBAI - Bollywood’s King, Shahrukh Khan has revealed that honesty is the reason for his stardom.

In his recent interview Shahrukh was asked questions about his endorsements for fairness products and how they have been a controversy for him. Khan replied that he is never dishonest with his fans and never judge others on the basis of their looks.

The Bazigar actor said, “Well, if I can smell a little honest beneath all that's public about me, then trust me, I've never tried to be dishonest with anyone.

I mean, who am I to do so? I was never the best looking guy, the tallest person, the most able-bodied person, the best dancer, the guy with the nicest hair, not from a fine lineage and I did not come from an acting school that taught me to be a Hindi film hero. So how can I belittle someone on any of these seven-eight aspects?”

The 53 years old talked about his family and said that his honesty was the reason for his famed life, the actor added,