Diabetics Cure: Japanese research discovers magic treatment  

Diabetics Cure: Japanese research discovers magic treatment  

LAHORE: (APP) There is a good news for diabetics as the massive research of Japanese Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced an advanced treatment for diabetics by only one tablet per week.

This was stated by a renowned Pharmacist, Chairman Patients Rights Forum and President Drugs Lawyers Forum Noor Mehar Advocate in an exclusive talk with APP here Monday.

He said this magicful tablet of FDA Japan, named (Trelagliptin) a Japanese name of the medicine, would be effective not only to control the sugar level but also a therapy to treat the affected kidney, heart and eyesight due to high sugar level.

The magic effect of this medicine was that it activate the dead pancreas to produce insulin besides maintaining sugar level in blood, he said.

All the trials of this medicines had been completed successfully without any side effect. Initially this medicine would be available in pack of four tablets costing Rs 1900 by a pharmacist company named "3-AAA" just after few days in market.

An application to register it by Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan was going to be filed in the current week, Noor Mehar added.

Many prominent doctors including Consultant Biabetologist and General Secretary Pakistan Society of Clinical Diabeticians Dr.Tahir Chaudhary, Medical Specialist Dr. Asad and Dr. Hassan Nayyar were among those who not only appreciated that medicine but also declared the future of this medicine quite bright to treat the diabetics.