CPEC: ISIS active active against Pak-China

CPEC: ISIS active active against Pak-China

KHUZDAR: ISIS makes entry in Pakistan with the support of the local militant groups mainly the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), a Punjab based sectarian militant organisation responsible for the martyrdom of thousands of Pakistanis, both civilian and military officials.


Ironically the Islamic State entry coincides with the launching of the CPEC pilot project in Gwadar, Baluchitan.




The Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for suicide attack in Shah Noorani’s shrine that left more than 60 people dead and over 120 wounded near Khuzdar city of Balochistan.


The IS said in a statement claimed the attack via Amaq, its affiliated news agency.


“35 dead and 95 wounded Shiite visitors in a martyrdom operation attack by the Islamic State fighter that targeted a shrine in a city in Balochistan,” the agency said.




Muslim shrines have often been targeted by militant groups, many of whom adhere to a strict interpretation of Islam that regards veneration of saints at shrines such as Shah Noorani as heresy.


Baluchistan is a key link in a $46 billion transport and trade corridor between Pakistan and China, which hinges on a deep-water port in the southwestern city of Gwadar.


Enemies of Pakistan and China are against the CPEC project and ISIS has also striked the CPEC on its inauguration day which reveals interesting facts about the similarities between the ISIS and enemies of Pak-China project.