Afghan refugee girl Sharbat Gulla to visit India

Afghan refugee girl Sharbat Gulla to visit India

KABUL: Afghan deported refugee girl Sharbat Gulla famous for her green eyes would be travelling to India soon.

Sharbat Gula sent back to Afghanistan

Days after she was deported from Pakistan to her native Afghanistan, Sharbat Gula whose piercing green-eyed stare landed a spot on the cover of National Geographic will next travel to India for medical care.

That’s the news from Shaida Abdali, Afghanistan’s ambassador to India, who said via Twitter that Sharbat Gula “will soon be in India for medical treatment free of cost.”

Gula, who’s in her 40s, suffers from hepatitis C, according to her lawyer and multiple news outlets.

She’s now poised to travel to Bangalore to receive treatment, according to Afghan media reports.

Imran Khan tweet on Afghani green eyed girl Sharbat Gulla

After fleeing Afghanistan as a young child, Gula spent decades in Pakistan before being arrested and charged with having falsified identity papers. When she arrived in Afghanistan Wednesday, she and her family were greeted by President Ashraf Ghani.

Sharbat Gula became iconic when National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry took her picture in 1985 in refugee camp near Peshawar. The green-eyes girl became the symbol of Afghan refugees’ plight during the war.