Do you know how much Markhor picture on PIA aircraft will cost national exchequer?


*ISLAMABAD: *The Supreme Court on Sunday temporarily barred Pakistan International Airline (PIA) from using the logo of Markhor on its planes instead of national flag.

When Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar inquired what was replacing the Pakistani flag on the planes’ tails, PIA Managing Director Musharraf Rasool Cyan replied that the new logo will be of the country’s national animal: Markhor.

In response to the chief justice’s question pertaining to cost of said endeavor, the MD stated that it would cost Rs2.7 million per plane to change the logo. However, Justice Nisar observed that the cost for each plane would be Rs3.4 million and sought a report detailing tender and contractor information. In total the price may cross over Rs 10 crore.

During court proceedings, the chief justice asked Cyan what his niece was doing in the national carrier. However, the PIA MD denied having any family member working in PIA .