Pakistan Bar Council demands suo moto action of SC over Panama issue

Pakistan Bar Council demands suo moto action of SC over Panama issue

ISLAMABAD: While demanding to take suo moto action by Supreme Court over the issue of Panama leaks, Pakistan Bar Council said that Chief Justice of Pakistan has authority as per article 184 (3) to bring any matter in court and issue verdict in this regard.

While addressing a press conference here at today in Islamabad, Pakistan Bar Council Chairman Executive Committee Abdul Fiaz rejected point of Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali to make legislation through parliament to probe into Panama leaks revelations.

He elaborated that CJP Anwar Zaheer Jamali has thrown ball in the court of government again asking legislation through parliament over the issue of Panama leaks.

He demanded starting investigation since 1985 against PM Nawaz and other members of national assembly saying that they should clarify themselves that how money has been sent abroad.

He made it clear that Panama leaks matter should not be postponed because its early resolution is in the larger interest of Pakistan.

Chairman Executive Committee stated that investigation should be started from PM Nawaz and his family taking suo moto action while Pakistan Bar Council would file petition in Supreme Court if suo moto action is not taken by SC.

He further added that affidavit submitted in election commission and wealth tax should also be attached in the investigation of Panama leaks revelations.