Corrupt people should be thrown out of Pakistan: President Mamnoon

Corrupt people should be thrown out of Pakistan: President Mamnoon

ISLAMABAD: While commenting over the revelations of Panama Papers, President Mamnoon Hussain said that corrupt people should be held accountable at any cost if we want to bring real change in Pakistan.

While addressing a ceremony of Kotri Association of Trade and Industry in Kotri, President Mamnoon said that now many people would be caught over the issue of Panama leaks while corrupt people must be thrown out of the system in order to completely  eradicate of corruption.

He pointed out that there is alarming situation in country regarding corruption and now time has come to kick out menace of corruption because it is adversely affecting every institution of Pakistan.

President Mamnoon Hussain stressed on collective efforts in order to achieve dream of corruption free Pakistan saying that it is our mutual responsibility to take every possible measures for the elimination of corruption in Pakistan.

While urging youth to launch campaign against corruption, President Mamnoon Hussain elaborated that youth consists of 50 to 60% population so they should play their role to fight against corruption.

Throwing light on the importance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project, he made it clear that this project would not only be benefited to Pakistan but entire region.

He explained that several power projects are also being launched by government under CPEC while motorways are also being constructed in order to make Pakistan a regional trade hub.

He further added that interest is being taken by several Central Asian States in CPEC project while thousands of new jobs opportunities are being expected to be generated for the youth with the completion of projects under CPEC.