FC and Rangers to take over security of Islamabad Red Zone

FC and Rangers to take over security of Islamabad Red Zone

ISLAMABAD – The interior ministry has decided to hand over the security of the capital’s Red Zone to Rangers and FC troops from March 20 to April 2.

Reports in local media suggest the decision was made during a high-level meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs. Home Affairs secretary, Chief Commissioner, IGP Islamabad, and others attended the meeting. The decision was to maintain law and order.

Paramilitary troops would also be deployed on central buildings and highways in the region. Nearly 2,000 Rangers and FC personnel will secure the area and formal notification of it will also be issued soon.

A number of important events will be held in the country’s federal capital onwards from March 20. The primary event is the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) moot, other than the Pakistan Day parade.

On the other hand, NA sessions will be held for voting on the no-confidence motion tabled by the opposition against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed earlier mentioned to deploy the Punjab Rangers and Frontier Corps to protect the Parliament Lodges, Parliament House, and the old MNA House on the day of the no-trust vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan.