Afghan Taliban take over district headquarters, Army and Police on run

Afghan Taliban take over district headquarters, Army and Police on run

KABUL - Afghan Taliban attacks on different parts of the Farah province, especially on Anar Dara district, resulted in the death of dozens of security forces members and that many bodies have not been recovered as they are in Taliban controlled areas.

Farah has witnessed deadly battles between security forces and the Taliban in the last few months but a serious upsurge in violence broke out a few days ago – particularly in the Anar Dar area.

After taking control of parts of the district early Monday, including the district police headquarters, reinforcements were sent in. However, many policemen and military soldiers were killed, including the district police chief.

“In Farah the best members of the national army have been killed. Taliban have killed a few Special Forces and have their bodies with them,” MP Abdul Sattar Darzabi said.

“What has happened in Farah is a tragedy. There is a need for parliament to send a team to investigate the Farah incidents,” MP Arif Rahmani said.

Farah provincial council members and residents also warned of ongoing threats in the province and said neighboring countries had a hand in the deteriorating security situation.

“Farah needs new forces and the stationed forces need military equipment to fight the Taliban,” Farid Bakhtawar, head of the council said.

“I clearly say that Iran is behind the insecurity and fighting in Farah,” Abdul Satar Hussaini, a tribal elder from Farah said.