Syrian Civil War enters in 6th year of conflict

DAMASCUS: Syrian Civil War has entered in 6th year of conflict which was started as an insurrection President Bashar Al  Assad.


Syrian Center for Policy Research claimed that death toll has reached from 470,000 from 250,000.


This conflict has also displaced half of the country’s population.


UN envoy Staffan de Mistura tried to hold talks with opposition and Syrian government for peace in the region which was failed.


UN claimed that remaining Syrian people in the seized areas are in a dire need of humanitarian assistance.


Saudi Arabia and US are supporting rebel groups while Iran and Russia are supporting the Assad regime in the country.


Turkey and other regional countries are hosting a large number of Syrian refugees which is costing those billions and tremendous budgetary pressure.


British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond claimed that  Russia has supported Assad politically, diplomatically and militarily and Putin is the only person who can stop the Syria’s civil war by making a phone call.


A Russian official Fyod Lukyanov said “Thirty years after the end of the Cold War , it turns out that the only actors capable of deciding and taking actions are the Moscow and Washington.”


He claimed that Russia and US are capable of pushing the warring parties towards peace and other countries cannot do it as this is the new world order .

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